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About Our Clinic

Established in 2018, branching from Singapore, Shanthi Priya is one of the largest physiotherapy clinics in Madurai. Our physiotherapists are dedicated to providing hands-on, research-driven physiotherapy treatments unique to your condition and pain. You will find the same quality physical therapy care and exemplary customer service as in our primary clinics at Singapore.

Our philosophy emphasizes that our patients get better education, more comprehensive manual treatments, and a skilled exercise instruction. Our physical therapists take the time to treat each patient and develop a plan for sustainable outcomes to reach the patient’s goals and achieve a new level of performance!

we believe that any treatment is complete only when it is delivered with utmost care and passion. At Shanthi Priya, we have that in abundance. Our goal at Shanthi Priya is to make patients move back to the life what you enjoyed doing best before your pain.


Why Choose Us

• 100% commitment
• 20 years of field experience acute hospitals and outpatient experience across different parts of the world.
• Practice and training in Singapore General Hospital, Parkway Pantai (Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Gleneagles hospital, Parkway East) group, Singapore, Madras medical hospital Chennai and St John`s college Bangalore.
• Direct branch of River physio Singapore which enable us to provide same service quality as in Singapore.
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Hello, I’m Vinodh Antony

Principal Physiotherapist in River Physio & Shanthi Priya Clinics
A lot has changed in healthcare in the 20 years since I begun practising Physiotherapy.
From managing polio to leprosy to stroke, the field of Physio evolved and to I grew to treat patients in ICU, neonates and cardiac patients and lots of sports injuries. And, now in Singapore for more than a decade I see more and more patient with life style related issues.
I take pride in being able to continuously upgrade my practice to meet the changing demands of healthcare and the Physio profession. Shanthi Priya continuously upgrades too, with the latest equipment and modern gym.
In my experience There are 3 things that are very important
1. A proper diagnosis
2. The patients understanding of their diagnosis
3. The physio’s care for recovery
A proper diagnosis is always the key. It’s like a Google map, once we know where to head to the journey of rehab and recover is in the proper direction. Else it’s a vicious cycle of pain and misguided treatment.
Secondly, the patient’s recovery begins with proper education and understanding of their problem. Understanding there’s no magic pill and felling better the next day, but its about treating the underlying cause and the pathology behind the cause.
Finally, the physio should also understand that the patient is going not only through physical stress but also the emotional stress of an injury and provide proper care for recovery.
Factoring this into therapy is key for success!
Any problem by a sport, work accident etc.

we welcome the chance to serve you.